Islamabad - Former Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi has moved the Supreme Court against the Islamabad High Court’s order about rejection of his bail plea.

Central Judge Islamabad on 03-06-2016 had awarded the ex-minister six years’ imprisonment under various provisions of Pakistan Penal Code and section 5(2) 47 Prevention of Corruption Act, 1947. The petitioner had challenged the trial court’s judgement in the IHC. He also moved an application for suspension of his conviction and sentence and for grant of bail. However, the single bench of IHC turned down his bail application on July 4, 2016.

Sardar Latif Khosa Advocate on behalf of Kazmi yesterday filed an appeal under Article 185(3) of Constitution, and submitted that on account of heavy rush of work there is no chance that the high court would hear the appeal at an early date.

Khosa said his client became victim of propaganda, which was lodged against him, adding the propaganda affected the result of the case and played part in his conviction although the material on record does not support the charges levelled against him.

He said the petitioner had undergone substantive portion of his sentence therefore on this basis he could be allowed bail by suspension of operation of the sentence because if ultimately the petitioner is acquitted by the IHC then no reparation would be offerable for the sentence.

He said the previous conduct of the petitioner shows that he never misused his concession of bail and never tried to run away and was immediately available when the conviction and sentence was announced.