Apparently whenever there is a terrorist attack or a targeted attack particularly in this country the Taliban take the responsibility. Referring to the recent murder of Amjab Sabri, and the kidnapping of Awais Shah; the one who is to be blamed are taliban, the ones who have the “courage” to take the responsibility are Taliban.

The simple questions that are initially needs to be addressed is that who are they? Are they more powerful than the state and the security forces? Or they are just puppets and something powerful is behind them ?

The operation against them is going on and still they are powerful. They can orchestrate blasts anywhere and kill anyone kidnap anyone.

In Karachi there is Rangers operation going on, the National Action Plan is being implemented, and the last but not least Zarb-e-Azab is ongoing. Are they above all this?

We forget so easily and quickly. We forgot APS attack, we lamented for days and months and then new tragedies kept piling up. Only documentation and pretending things are going well is not going to change anything.


Islamabad, June 24.