“Donald J. Trump is ordering for a

total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States.”

–Donald J. Trump – December 2015.

The United States of America proclaims to have always fostered values like liberty, equality, individualism and self which were documented in the American Declaration of Independence published in 1776. In the declaration it was stated, “All men are created equal”. In post-civil war America, immigrants were welcomed from around the globe. In 1863, American president, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery. In 1868, America went a step further, passing the fourteenth amendment to its constitution which gave citizenship to these former slaves. The American Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in places of public accommodation, public facilities and public school because of race, colour, religion or national origin. Voting rights were promised to all communities. The image of the USA in the eyes of the international community has always been one of a benevolent and free state. Its integral role in humanitarian interventions conducted under the United Nations has also shown how it has been a keen observer and protector of human rights, especially political and religious freedom. However, recent political activity in the US has promised not to keep this image for long. Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump, in many of his speeches has targeted not only Muslims but also black Americans, Jews, Mexicans and Hispanics. He has also stated very succinctly, his motive to drive these communities out of the US. Is this the real face of the state that has always beenthe flagbearer of civil rights?