FAISALABAD-The University of Agriculture Faisalabad has installed 100 kilowatt biomass gasification power plant meant for promoting alternative way of energy to overcome power shortfall, touching 5000MW.

UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad inaugurated the energy plant established at Punjab Bio Energy Institute, Postgraduate Graduate Research Station, UAF in collaboration with China as an initiative of the Punjab Government.

Chinese experts - Dr Hai Bin Li from Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China and Dr Xiaobo Wang; UAF Agri Engineering Dean Dr Allah Bakhsh, Dr Ehsan Ali, Dr Anjum Munir and other notables also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Iqrar said that the plant converts the agricultural waste into power through the gasification process. He was of the view that through 100 KW plant, electricity could be provided to 50 houses.

He stressed the need for adopting the model at the every village level. He added that the combination of biogas, biomass, and solar energy would help to become self-sufficient in the energy sector. He said in Pakistan, post-harvest losses in fruit and vegetables are 25-40% and 15?18% in food grains. Dr Hai Bin Li said that China is producing 650 million agricultural wastes. Fifty percent of the wastes are being used for producing energy.

He said that 40 million rural households biogas digesters were built in China, producing 15.4 billion m 3 rural biogas annually. He said that forest waste was also touching 270 million tonnes in China of which 30 percent is used for the energy purposes. He said that they are meeting 10 percent of the power demands from the bio-energy. He said that the promotion of such technology would help Pakistan meet its energy demands. He said that 4,700 scaled land poultry farm biogas plants and 1600 scaled industrial organic waste biogas plants were in operation in China by 2010. Totally about 4 billion m3 biogas was produced each year.