Merani Dam is situated in Dasht which was built during the era of General Pervaiz Musharraf in August 2005. This Dam is the only source of providing water to the residents of Dasht and Gwadar who easily got water from it. But unfortunately, now it lacks water due to without rains in Makran for more than three years and the water hight became lower and mudy. 

The Dam’s water is mudy which isn’t drinkable yet, as there isn’t any machinesn for cleaning the Dam’s water due to this issue the residents are undergoing from multiple problems and hardships to get water. At least the remaining water should have been properly provided to the residents of Dasht and Gwadar to not face problems and must get drinkable water for being alive. 

So, we ( the residents of Dasht) humbly request to the government of Balochistan to pay serious attention towards this actionable issue to prevent water crisis in both areas and supply the pure water to the residents of Dasht and Gwadar. Because water is the basic nececcities of the human beings and everybody should be provided water at any rate. I hope that the government will take action and eliminate this issue very soon for saving the precious lives of the human. 


Turbat, July 7.