Like any white collar criminal facing charges of corruption PM Nawaz and his family could not be convicted for corruption under National Accountability Ordinance section9(a)(iv), but were sentenced under section 9(a)(v) for owning assets disproportionate to known sources of income. The onus of proving their innocence under Section9(a)(v) shifted burden of proof to justify sources of income on PM Nawaz and his family, which they failed. 

Pakistan’s national exchequer has been pilfered of its scarce financial resources and assets by few for far too long a period and it no longer has fiscal space to allow this institutionalized corruption to continue. Now that a healthy precedent has been set, it is incumbent upon NAB and Federal Government to initiate similar proceeding against all other former or serving elected and paid civil cum uniformed public office holders who possess assets within Pakistan and abroad which cannot be justified by their tax returns or known sources of income. Failing which, this welcome move against former PM, would be considered as selective justice and political victimization for ulterior objectives. 

There should be no exception for those involved, be they prominent politicians, bureaucrats, generals or traders. All those who have been given relief through plea-bargain should have their cases reopened now that SC has declared this practice as illegal. Nobody should have power or clout to regularize irregularities, indulge in irregular allotment of plots or state and private property, irrespective of which institution they belong to. Tax Evasion should be considered a major financial crime against state. 

This country was not created to be looted or ruled by land and drug mafia, nor to be a haven for black economy and white collar criminals. 


Karachi, July 7.