MUZAFFARGARH-Pakistan People's Party got victory in three National Assembly constituencies of Muzaffargarh in the general elections.

NA-182 winner is Mahar Irshad Sial; NA-183 Raza Rabani Khar and NA 184 victor is Nawazada Iftikhar Ahmad. The experienced political circles had predicted the overwhelming success of Raza Rabani Khar prior to the polls but the success of the remaining two is unbelievable. Mahar Irshad Sial outdid Jamshed Ahmad Dasti, the leader of Awami Raj Party, in a close contest whereas Iftikhar Ahmad defeated the same Jamshed Dasti with heavy margin and ended the political career of Dasti in national politics.

Raza Rabani got victory over an independent candidate Malik Fayaz. The victory of Raza Rabani is the outcome of the services of his father Malik Noor Rabani Khar in national and provincial politics. In NA 185, Basit Sultan Bukharin defeated Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Mauzam Jatoi. In NA-186, Amir Talal defeated Dawood Khan Jatoi of PPP.

In PP 278, Basit sultan Bukharin was victorious; in PP 270, the result of Ajmal Khan Chandia, a candidate of Awami Raj Party, is pending and recounting is in progress. The role of district administration has been remarkable in holding free and fair elections. DC Qaiser Saleem, DPO Faisal Shehzad and District Election Commissioner Chaudhry Akram played a pivotal role to conduct elections in a peaceful environment. No case of rigging or any other discrepancy was reported anywhere in the district.