LAHORE-The popularity of Ali Gul Pir, one of the most talented and dynamic stars of Pakistan, has immensely grown since ‘Waderai Ka Beta’.

Rapper, comedian and actor Ali Gul Pir has ventured into various fields associated with the entertainment world, and today he has successfully become one of the most sought-after stars in the country.

The Nation got in touch with the multitalented personality to find out about his new song, future projects and more. Following are the excerpts of the interview.

You achieved fame from ‘Waderai Ka Beta’, how has the journey been since then?

The journey has been great! I have stuck to my songs but I have also ventured into new areas such as acting, digital work, writing, to name a few. I have been experimenting and challenging myself since Waderai Ka Beta. There is so much more in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with my fans.

If you had the power, what one government policy would you reverse?

I don’t know about reverse but I would definitely advocate increase in the budget of health and education. Whoever comes in power needs to increase the budget of these sectors. You can make a lot of policies but if you can’t enforce them then you can’t really make a difference in the society and for the future generations to come. For instance, there is a law against child marriage but it yet to take place across Pakistan. So, we need to change the behavior and mindset altogether to make a difference in the society.

Why did you name your song ‘Paris’?

The song ‘Paris’ is on the pun when the Sharif’s called Lahore as Paris. The song highlights our politicians and current political mood in a light way. Most importantly the song was to encourage the people of Pakistan to vote on Election Day. 

The video of ‘Paris’ is quite different, what was the inspiration behind the video?

As an artiste, I believe you should challenge yourself and do experiment with new ideas. It is important to evolve with time. I just wanted to do something different with the song (Paris) in order to convey the message in an effective way to the people of Pakistan.

How difficult was it to come up with a song such as this?

It’s never difficult. It’s very easy to speak the truth but yeah it might be difficult to deal with the consequences of the truth. It’s never hard to speak the truth, it’s actually liberating to express yourself in the form of a song. I have always been honest with my songs, and in-fact I hate it when people say you shouldn’t say this or that. People should know how I feel so that they can relate to it because my relationship with my audience is based on honesty.

Rapping and satirical genre is rarely explored in Pakistani music. Do you think people are going to accept this kind of music genre in future? 

After ‘Waderai Ka Beta’ in 2012, there has been a rise in socially-charged music across the country. Rap today is emerging and has become one of the mainstreams genres in Pakistan.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming projects?

I am working on some songs that I am aiming to release by the end of this year. Currently, I am doing an unconventional funny talk show ‘Ghareeb Aur Badtameez’ for IFLIX; between the first episodes with Jibran Nasir is out on IFLIX, do check it out!