TOBA TEK SINGH : The boy who was kidnapped about one-and-a-half-month ago from Rajana had been found dead on Saturday. Rajana police claimed to have arrested the accused, and they had recovered the body of the boy from a village in Faisalabad. The police said that deceased Gul Sher of Chak 184/GB had contracted love marriage with a girl named Shahida Bibi of Chak 511/GB (Mamoonkanjun). On June 9, Gul Sher and Shahida Bibi were on the way home in Chak 184/GB on a motorcycle when Ajab Gul, a relative of Shahida Bibi, and his 11 accomplices kidnapped the couple at gunpoint. A case was registered against the accused under Section 365-A of PPC, and later the police recovered Shahida Bibi. But Gul Sher could not be recovered. During investigation, the police discovered that the accused had shot dead Gul Sher and buried his body at a deserted place. The police recovered the body after 48 days of abduction and shifted it to Rajana Rural Health Centre for autopsy.