KHYBER    -    Members of Christian community initiated protest demonstration on Saturday against alleged unfair allotment of houses, built for them by the government.A large number of the local Christians while carrying placards inscribed with slogans in favour of their demands appeared at Bacha Khan Square Main Landi Kotal bazaar. They had tied black ribbon around their hands and chanted slogans against the alleged injustice done to them.Speaking on the occasion, executive member of Pakistan Minority Alliance and President Pakistan ex-Fata Minority Alliance, Arshad Masseh, Zulfiqar and others said that the government constructed Christian colony near Landi Kotal grid station by spending of Rs37 million for local Christians. However, elder of the Christian community and incharge of the housing scheme, Wilson Wazir allotted the residences to his own relatives.They maintained that instead of fair distribution through ballot, the elite gave it to their near and dear ones by collecting Rs0.650 million per house from them and deprived the deserving persons of their right.Only 21 flats had been built and the rest of the funds were embezzled by Wazir that needs to be sorted out, they blamed.They threatened that if fair and transparent distribution of the houses was not done, they would arrange a sit-in in front of Chief Minister House, in peshawar. Later the protesters marched to the press club and dispersed peacfully.