MIRPUR (AJK)  -    Public transport operators, passengers travelling in parts of AJK including Mirpur division have been warned to remain alert and vigilant during travel especially while passing through cause ways of seasonal streams and nullahs, the authorities said.

With the forecast of heavy rains of the season in various parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir on Saturday, Intermittent monsoon rain played havoc in various parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir including Mirpur district since mid last night after the areas were lashed by spell of intermittent downpour.

After a mega concrete retaining wall of an under-construction housing complex caved in at in fast developing Housing sector D/4 (Block 2-A) in the wee hours on Saturday, authorities have warned those engaged in construction work to be alert and vigilant during the construction work to avert any threat of the erosion and land sliding in the semi-hill Mirpur district.

Besides the local administration, the National Disaster Management Authorities have advised the people to make a check of the condition of the roof top of their houses besides the drainage system from the roof tops  to ensure the swift disposal of the rain water to the drains. Be alert of the humidity in their houses boundary and other walls by ascertaining the cause of humidity.

People have also been advised to get repaired the live wire in any in their houses to avert the loss of life and property as a result of the threat of electrocution or short circuiting.

At the same time, the AJK State Disaster Management Authority has warned the people to be alert in view of the forecast of heavy rains in Mirpur and other parts of AJK. People have been advised to stay away of the rivers and seasonal nullahs following the rising flash-flood like situation developing due to heavy rains in the catchments areas.

When contacted Mirpur Division Commissioner Muhammad Tayyeb said that  oncerned field staffers have been put on alert and vigilant  to combat any eventuality during the just-starting monsoon rains  across Mirpukr division comprising thickly-populated districts of Mirpur Kotli and Bhimbher

Besides the concerned public functionaries, people have also been advised to adopt precautionary measures to immediately deal with any eventuality during the fast-rising monsoon, the Commissioner said.

The rain caused partial loss to the material - especially in kachi abadis in various parts of the liberated territory , official sources  confirmed to APP here Saturday evening.

Various parts of Mirpur district have been in the grip of heavy intermittent torrential rain since Thursday breaking the hot spell to a considerable extent besides turning various low-lying areas into ponds and seasonal nullahs flooded with rainwater.

The rains affected the electricity, roads and telecommunication system in certain parts of   the Mirpur division comprising Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimbher districts, according to the reports.

There are also reports of uprooting of trees, hoardings and electricity poles at several places in Mirpur city and adjoining areas because of the wind storm which lasted for several hours.  Several kacha houses were also badly affected as well.