Two hired assassins managed to enter Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore with weapons and killed a passenger coming out of International Arrival, while a taxi driver also became a victim. This is not the first instance of this kind which has occurred at various airports in the country. The 15 KM sterile zone on periphery of every major airport has been violated and housing societies allowed by CAA. Almost every airport in Pakistan has been declared red for bird hazard because of the construction of residential societies, marriage halls and commercial centers by powerful groups whose real estate interests seem to override flight safety hazards.

If reports concerning an expensive, out of order Scanner installed at Lahore to scan vehicles is true, then this is criminal negligence on the part of ASF and CAA. Instead of ASF advertising residential housing societies in Karachi, they should be focusing on making our airports and passengers safe. ASF should be trained and capable of maintaining standard equipment which is used internationally. There have been too many breaches and terrorists have been able to intrude Karachi International Airport bringing into disrepute our aviation industry.

Except for President/PM, there are too many people exempted from scanning and personal search at airports. A hand held gadget ADE 651 which has been banned and its manufacturer McCormick sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on 2 May 2013, is being marketed under name of Khoji. This fake gadget was initially called Golfinder and was available for $20 to 69 and is being produced and marketed in Pakistan for Rs 70,000. It is criminal to use fake gadgets. Drastic changes are required if we intend to operate direct USA flights.