ISLAMABAD - The PTI government has decided to crackdown on sugar mafia and instructed FBR, SECP and FIA to initiate investigation the persons involved in accordance with the findings of Sugar Commission Report.

Following the instructions of Prime Minister Imran khan, Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior and Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar has dispatched letters to Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Competitive Commission of Pakistan and three provinces along with the Sugar Commission Report to ensure implementation on the report in next 90 days.

In this regard, the federal government also dispatched letters to the Chief Secretaries of Punjab, KP and Sindh to ensure investigations sugar mills in their respective provinces in accordance with the findings of the Sugar Commission Report.

In his letter, Akbar asked the provinces to take legal action against the sugar mill owners who use to purchase sugarcane from farmers at low prices as according to the federal government, the issues relating to sugar mills fall in the jurisdiction of Anti-Corruption Departments of the respective provinces.

The provincial governments have also been asked to probe the issues relating to sugar mill owners giving loans to sugarcane growers on exorbitant interests.

Shahzad Akbar writes letter to FBR, SECP, FIA

The federal cabinet had approved an action plan against sugar mafia on 23rd June and the government has instructed FBR to ensure audit of all the sugar mills in the country.

The government in this regard has also tasked FBR to probe Benami transactions of sugar mills. The government also instructed State Bank of Pakistan to draft a comprehensive report by probing the issue relating to payment of subsidy to sugar mills from the government.

The government also instructed FIA and SECP to ensure investigations in view of this corporate fraud. SECP has also been instructed in this regard to identify the elements responsible and ensure a legal action while explanation has also been sought from the SECP on the delayed action against sugar mafia in this regard.

Akbar also underlined in his letter that the SECP should identify the reasons that why any action was not initiated against sugar cartels despite findings of the Sugar Commission Report.

Meanwhile, the SECP has also been tasked to ensure investigations on hoarding on the part of sugar cartels and unavailability of sugar at utility stores across the country.

The federal government in the letter also pointed out that sugar mills owners coined delaying tactics but the government foiled bids of sugar mill owners to blackmail the government.