Education has a direct link with the existence of various positive behaviours in a society. The more a society is educated, the more it is civilised, mature, responsible, sensitive to issues, mindful of its rights and duties, and what not. On the contrary, illiteracy has a direct link with the various negative behaviours in a society. The more a society is illiterate and uneducated, the more it is uncivilised, immature, irresponsible, disinterested in collective issues, oblivious of its rights and duties and whatnot.

History is a witness to the fact that many nations excelled only when they gave importance to education. The era of the “Dark Ages” (approximately from the late fifth century AD to the mid-fifteenth century AD) is extremely notorious in Europe. This is due to the fact that during that era Europe was uneducated and, accordingly, behaved in an uncivilised and irresponsible manner.

During the same period, however, the Muslim Ummah was going through an “era of awakening” because it gave importance to the fields of education, scientific inventions and discoveries, literature and culture. However, it was due to the Muslim Ummah’s personal interests that the awakening was reversed. Europe began giving importance to education, scientific advancements, literature and culture (this period was known as the Renaissance, approximately from the 14th Century to the 17th Century). The Muslim Ummah, however, plunged into darkness during the Renaissance due to its extreme apathy towards education, scientific excellence, literature and culture.

If nations have to excel then education is the direct link through which they can aspire all their dreams. In other words, education is the foundation and base for all our activities and success. But, if we neglect that base then the structure will surely crumble and it will achieve nothing but disappointment and failure at all fronts. Education, education and only education is the ladder through which we can attain heights. Unfortunately, our beautiful country Pakistan is far away from touching from these heights. And, the reason is very simple: we are still an illiterate and uneducated society. Since our foundation is still weak, we, therefore, are seriously struggling to obtain a civilised and responsible life for all our citizens. Hence, there is a great need to educate our society to make it more civilised and responsible.