Islamabad           -         Featuring a diverse range of A-List celebrity guests, discussions on LIVE with HSY focus on experiences in the industry, ups and downs in personal lives as well as their careers.

The show is a fun fueled way to escape from the drudgery of social-distancing and is created as a delicious cocktail of entertainment and wisdom. The fluid structure of the show and the fact that it is conducted via Yasin’s Instagram LIVE, keeps it spontaneous and real.

Uncut, candid and witty, you are bound to come across bloopers, verbal slip ups and uh-oh moments. During the episode with Sonya Hussyn, as the show comes to an end, Hussyn’s award somehow falls in the background…still cracking up thinking about it! Who can forget when the internet went bonkers after the name of Mahira Khan’s love was accidentally revealed! The time when we all met Gigi, Yasin’s adorbs dog.