Islamabad             -        The fourth season of Killing Eve has been postponed as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions it has imposed on the world.

It’s understood that producers hoped to begin filming in August, little more than two months after season three’s finale teased fans with an ambiguous cliff-hanger on London’s Tower Bridge.

However, original plans to push ahead with a new series - which, like its predecessors features an array of locations around Europe - have reportedly been skippered due to the current health crisis. This means that fans will have a long wait before being reunited with Eve and Villanelle - respectively played by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. According to report, there is no ‘clear return date’ either.

To date, the drama has been shot in the likes of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest and Tuscany. There’s added complication due to the fact titular star Sandra will first need to fly to the UK from the US, to join Jodie and the rest of the cast, before embarking on further travel further afield.