Lakki marwat             -         Lakki Marwat District and Sessions Judge Syed Zamurd Shah inaugurated the Plant for Pakistan campaign by planting a sapling in the premises of the Judicial Complex on Monday. 

Zamurd Shah declared forests inevitable for sustenance of life on the earth and said that increasing the area of forests was helpful to overcome environmental problems. 

He underlined the need for raising awareness about the importance of timberlands and called upon people from different segments of the society to take active part in plantation activities. 

Meanwhile, the elders, youths and social activists of seven villages have urged the higher authorities of Peshawar Electric Supply Company to establish a separate power feeder in 132 KV Darra Pezu grid station for their areas and also layout a transmission line for it.

The demand was made during a meeting held in Shahbazkhel village on Monday. Elders and youths from Shahbazkhel, Wanda Karim Khan, Bilandkhel, Wazir Kila, Hayatkhel, Wanda Banochi and Wanda Terri attended the meeting. The office-bearers of several social welfare organisations were also present on the occasion. 

The participants expressed concern over excessive power outages and said that long spells of load-shedding had made their lives miserable. 

“The rural localities are hit hard by long durations of electricity suspension”, said an elder adding that power outages and low voltage problem had made the rural life a standstill besides badly affecting the routine life in villages.