Islamabad             -        Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are now officially citizens of Greece, it was revealed by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The PM shared a photo of himself, his wife Mareva Grabowski, with Hanks, 64, and Wilson, 63. The actors were seen holding up their new Greek passports, with Mitsotakis stating both Hanks and Wilson, ‘are now proud Greek citizens!’ Both Hanks and Wilson have been vacationing in Greece for years, with Wilson’s mother Dorothea Tzigkou born in Albania near the Greece border.

Wilson even explored her heritage further in a 2012 episode of the PBS series Who Do You Think You Are with Louis Gates Jr. The couple most recently celebrated Hanks’ 64th birthday on Paros Island in Greece earlier this month. The country of Greece also extended citizenship to Hanks’ entire family, including his children Colin, 42, Elizabeth, 38, Chet, 29 and Truman, 24.

Hanks and Wilson met with Mitsotakis where they were given their naturalization documents and passports.