BADIN           -      City and its outskirts have been receiving heavy rains for the last two days, inundating low-lying areas and causing miseries to people. Besides Badin, areas such as Seerani, Bhugra Memon, Behdmi, Kadhan town, Nindo Shahar, Tando Bago, Shadi Large, Rajo Khanani and Ahmed Rajo have also received downpour. The district administration and municipal authorities were seemed busy draining out the rainwater from low-lying areas of different cities and towns. Farmers have expressed delight over the rains, saying these would prove beneficial for the crops.

RKES committed to providing quality education: The Ram Kolhi Education system (RKES) is striving to provide quality education to the people belonging to the downtrodden segments of the society.

RKES, in collaboration with Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh, is running four schools under the Public Private Partnership (PPP), namely one high school, one elementary school and two primary schools in different talukas of district Badin.

There are total 1,048 children enrolled in these institutions: 364 girls and 684 boys while 45 teachers are imparting education.

The school administration has conducted different curriculum and co-curriculum activities for providing quality education to children of the district.

RKES has also conducted series of training sessions for the teaching staff as well as for the newly inducted employees.

“I am so lucky as I have succeeded in getting admission in Ram Kolhi Education System. Now, I am not only receiving quality education but also participating in sports and other extra-curricular activities,” says Ms Afsra Pitafi, student of Matriculation.