Four militants were killed and five left wounded in the skirmishes with the Qaumi Lashkar in district Upper Dir, while the security forces have taken control of Dungram and Cocarai in the outskirts of Mingoa town. Sources said that the Qaumi Lashkar clashes with the militants took place at Ghazigai area, which ensured exchange of firing leading to the death of four militants and five were injured. Security forces from Teemargra headquarter continued shelling overnight suspected hideouts of the militants in Tehsil Maidan areas, but no report of loss of life was received. Dir Media Center said that curfew in Tehsil Maidan and Adeenzai would remain relaxed up to 8.00 P.M. in the evening. On the other hand, security forces have taken control of Dungram and Coracai, the adjoining areas of Mingora town and now marching towards Kaleelkandao. The forces kept pounding overnight the militants hideouts at Shamozai areas of Tehsil Barikot, but no loss of life reported. Curfew remains as usual clamped in all other areas of district Swat except Khawazakhela, Bahrain, Madin and Kalam.