Karachi - KPT hosted a seminar at its Staff College on Friday to create awareness about drug abuse and to prevent it in the society. In her keynote address, Chairperson KPT Nasreen Haque highlighted that the reasons for the powerful drug invasion lie not only in the proximity of the countries of the Golden Crescent, namely Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, but also in the powerful drug mafia that pushes the drug out to various destinations, both at home and abroad. It is vital that the supply line be effectively cut out, she added. She said that today we are witnessing the universal day against the drug abuse and illicit trafficking and that the United Nations theme for the year is Do drugs control your life? Or controls your community? Say no to drugs. The Karachi Port Trust will be willing to play its role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts at all forums and in whatever capacity it can. In this regard, it is co-sponsoring a video documentary film with UNA Pakistan on drug abuse awareness that will be widely publicised so that the message of 'NO DRUGS in your Life can reach every home in the country, she added. The Chairperson said that we have an estimated 5 million drug addicts in our country and that this invasion of drugs is affecting our younger generation. The plant based drugs conceding ground to lethal synthetic drugs that reach our homes under various garbs to our doorsteps and are threatening to control our lives if we do not take any steps now, she added. She said that we have a colossal problem at hand and that a committed response is required to address these effectively if we really ought to save our future generations. In this context synergistic efforts are required to implement various drug prevention and treatment strategies, she added. Ms Nasreen said that the drug situation is witnessing changing trends and that now Charas, Opium and Heroin have become their primary choice. The synthetic drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine have also gained popularity and are finding place in parties held in posh localities; amongst the educated, the upper middle and the rich class. This development concerns us greatly. Once a person becomes addicted to drugs, his future and even his life destroys, she added. The Chairperson said that it has been established from research that there is not only a nexus between drugs and crime; narcotics and terrorism are also directly related. Drug defined crimes and drug related crimes have been vastly investigated and documented. The roots of interconnectivity of narcotics and terrorism lie in their quest for mutual survival. The devastation caused to humanity by these monsters is well known. It should be emphasised that both these evil forces need to be effectively harnessed and eliminated for good, she added. For this, social attitudes need a paradigm shift. Drugs are seen permeating into social institutions which are responsible for the uplift of young people, she added. She congratulated the United Nations Association of Pakistan for organising this awareness program and said that this social disease is to be fought at all levels - individual, parental, community, societal, administrative, legal and educational. Earlier, the Executive Director UNA Pakistan Ms. Fouzia Chishti gave overview about the activities of UNA Pakistan and acted as a stage Secretary. Force Commander ANF RD Sindh Brigadier Basheer, sharing his views, stated that drug demand reduction policies and programs should address all sectors of society. Executive Director JPMC Dr. Mussarat Hussain and President UNA Pakistan Mr. Iqbal Chishti also spoke on the occasion. The seminar was attended by 120 participants and media.