Fiza Ali Syed's letter shows how people because of their political bias distort historical facts. Bhutto as the foreign minister had assured Ayub Khan that the fight in IHK would not spill over to the international border. According to Gen Musa in his book 'My version', Bhutto had even stopped GHQ from moving troops to forward positions. If Gen Musa had not moved his troops two days before the India assault, Lahore would have fallen. As to Pakistan being in a position to take Kashmir, the writer is showing ignorance of the fact that because of the US embargo on arms, Pakistan was down to its reserves in men and ammunition after 17 days of combat. But for the Russian intervention, there would be no Pakistan today, just 'Akhand Bharat'. According to Rafi Raza, when he asked him to reveal the Tashkent secret, Bhutto had said, "There is nothing to reveal which is not already known". -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, June 22.