KARACHI - Three of the five alleged associates of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief, Baitullah Mehsud, who were gunned down in an alleged encounter with the police on late Friday night in Sohrab Goth, have been identified by their NICs. The locals have strongly denied the presence of militants and claimed that no 'encounter' had occurred in the area which has raised several questions on the claims made by the police. They demanded for the inquiry of such encounter. Their bodies have been shifted to Edhi morgue after the legal formalities were completed at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Police have registered six separate FIRs (421/09, 422/09, 423/09, 424/09, 425/09 and 426/09) on behalf of SHO Nasirul Hassan. The first FIR was registered under Section 353, 324/34, while the remaining FIRs were registered under Section 13-D. Interestingly, a heavy contingent of the law enforcers participated in the operation but not a single police personnel sustained even a minor bullet injury and instead easily gunned down five persons, who otherwise are believed to be the most trained militants, having most sophisticated and lethal arms in their hands. The three alleged terrorists were identified as Shah Hussain, son of Raj Khan, resident of Wana; Shahid Khan, son of Bakht Marjan, and Ahmed Ali, son of Ghulam Ali, resident of Turbat, Balochistan while the two remaining were yet to be identified. The locals claimed that the persons gunned down by the police were brought there from somewhere else and killed cold-bloodedly, as the two-room compound declared as hideout of Baitullah Mehsuds associates actually remains in the use of four watchmen who guard the land of Bantwa Memon Housing Society in two shifts. It is pertinent to mention here that only two separate bloodstains were found in front of a small Masjid where police claim to have killed the said five persons. The area is generally uninhabited with a few compounds constructed far way from each other and is mostly in the use of contractors, garbage collectors and as warehouses for storage of machinery to construction material. We heard gunfire but we have never seen any suspected person here, some other locals claimed. It was an open space where that encounter took place in front of a single-room Masjid adjacent to Bantwa Society guards' room where two large dried blood stains were found on the ground, showing killings of at least two persons. Neither bullet casing present on the ground nor any bullet marks on the Masjid, which showed that it was a one-sided encounter in which only the alleged persons killed. Gadap Town SP Rao Anwaar, however, said he had received the information that some suspected terrorists, belonging to Baitullah Mehsud network in Karachi, were hiding there, on which a police raided. Some six or eight of their associates fled from the scene due to intense darkness, he claimed. Anwaar claim to have recovered one Kalashnikov, one 9mm pistol and three TT pistols. "Three persons have been identified while the two are still unidentified as no documents were recovered from them showing their whereabouts," he added.