Karachi (PPI) - The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) despite excessive lip-service has failed to deliver, increasing nuisance for Karachiites through its never-ending load shedding spells, and adding more voices to the demand that this vital public service utility be given under government control to provide relief to hapless people of Karachi. Citizens complain that many parts of Karachi brave constant spells of load shedding. After light rains in Karachi many parts of Karachi suburbs including Gadap faced the worst load shedding and smooth and uninterrupted electricity supply is yet to be provided to them, The vulnerable system of KESC collapsed again with light rain with a lot of cable faults affecting almost all towns of the city. Most of the localities falling within the jurisdiction of Malir, Gadap, Federal B Area, SITE, Landhi, and Banaras were facing hide and seek of electricity on Saturday. It was learnt that work on the Garden-Jacob Lines circuit, Federal B Area block 10, SITE and Dr Zubair sub-station was being carried out to restore power supply to these areas. KESC should be taught a lesson by the government for tormenting the people, said Beenish Naz, a resident of Malir. There could not be any excuse of four to six hours of load shedding, she added. Despite charging inflated bills to consumers, the tardy KESC men are taking 6 hours to repair a fault, she noted. The new KESC management has failed to keep up its promises, she said. The entity should be renationalized and people should be given relief, she added. It has been over a month that different blocks of Federal B. Area are experiencing phase-wise rotational load shedding and it was intensified during the raining, said Khalil Ahmed, a resident of Federal B. Area Block 10. I dont understand that why KESC has not been able to pin point the fault and resolve the problem, he added. The performance of the new private management is worse than the previous one and their promises are false, he said. I dont know when we they would be able to see t the technical problems in Federal B. Area sorted out. Saleem Rehlat, a resident of Landhi, said that he has been waiting for the resumption of power supply for the last 11 hours. We are ringing the KESC for help but to no avail, he added. We are facing water shortage for a long time and we could not yell on anyone, as the government is not taking stern action against KESC, said Farrukh Zoha, resident of Gulistan-e-Johar. The people demand the government for changes but it seems government has no control over the mighty KESC, he added. Chairman Alliance of Market Association Ateeq Mir said that the load shedding is increasing day by day and it has reached four-hour a day now. Last month load shedding was totally stopped for five days owing to the directives of president but after that the situation started worsening and from one-hour load shedding it has reached four hours a day. The experiment of repeated privatization of the KESC has failed and now the government should seriously think to hand over the entity to a local company like India power supply corporation is working under Tatta Group which spends money on it and generate profit, he suggested. All the foreigner companies come here to bag money and they have no interest in improving the system or facilitating Pakistani citizens, he added. People are getting outrageous as they have started burning KESC offices, he said adding we too are also planning to lodge our protest outside KESC. Things would not improve unless a local company is given the reins of KESC, he added. Trade and industry sources claim the KESC was receiving its share of electricity from WAPDA but its own power generation units, were not working on full capacity, resulting in perpetual powers shortage was existing. They said all this farce is being carried out under the nose of government to maximize profits of the private owners of KESC at the cost of poor Karachiites. The power shortage has not only affected the domestic users but the business and trade activities have also been faded, they said. Meanwhile, acute water shortage is persisting in different parts of the city due to the unannounced and prolonged load shedding. The city is receiving some 10 crore gallons less water due to the unavailability of power at bulk pumping stations, says the KWSB sources. The costly appliances of people are also being affected and developing faults due to low voltage and sudden voltage fluctuation. The students are also facing problems that are taking intermediate arts examination in Karachi. The citizens have demanded the government to summon KESC management and ask them to mend their ways, and if they fail to do so the KESC should be handed over to the city government or Wapda.