Respected Mian Sahib, Asslam-a-Eleikum I am taking the liberty of addressing you this open letter, through courtesy of The Nation at a time, when the people of the largest province of Pakistan, are beset over a number of grave issues, effecting the destiny of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As elected CM of the democratic government of the Punjab that was interested to provide good governance to this province as a result of the February 2008 elections, you have had ample time to asses the challenges that the provincial administration under your leadership has to cope with. Suffice it to say that the nation today stands at the most critical crossroad of our history. Without mincing words, Mian Sahib, the first submission I wish to make in this letter is that, as president PML-N and CM Punjab, you are destined to play, a major role in the ongoing battles on the domestic and external fronts, the out come of which, will have far-reaching effects on shaping the future of South Asia. Pakistan's geo-political position in the region coupled with the nuclear status of our powerful defence forces are such factors that that has turned Pakistan into the fulcrum of the balance of power in the region. And Punjab is the lynch pin of this fulcrum. I'm addressing this letter to you, less as CM of the province and more in your personal capacity as Khadam-e-Ala at the service of the people. If I can convince you, I'm confident that it shall not be difficult for you to persuade the PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz to harness his political will behind the two issues as under be success of which shall pave the way for other victories to follow. The lowest ever allocation to education namely 2.8 percent in the current budget for 2009-10 has created a sense of disappointment when the expectation was a minimum of 4 percent. Here is an opportunity for the Punjab government to deal with this challenge and blaze a new trail with the support of the people. I'm sure the philanthropic elements not only in Punjab, but also in other provinces will come forward to assist. Friendly countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Emirates will share this noble endeavour. Pakistanis abroad shall not lag behind. Even UNO/West shall also help depending upon how the projects with focus on literacy are handled. It all depends upon a transparent system which does not allow too many cooks to spoil the broth. Only a popular leader with credibility and undisputed integrity can motivate massive community support through public representative at all tiers and NGOs with unblemished record of public service in such a campaign of Education For All (EFA). Mian Sahib, you have a gigantic task in hand in the literacy sector with about 60 million illiterates in Pakistan, more than half of which are in the Punjab. And what do you have under the present set-up to win this jihad against illiteracy? Forgive me, sir, you have the honourable minister for education with the additional incharge of literacy assisted by secretary literacy, six of whom, have been changed since the elections. Under the secretary there is, off and on, an additional secretary assisted by couple of deputy secretaries. According to the challenge involved, this staff is a skeleton administrative set-up without the necessary tools to plan and conduct jihad. There is neither proper research, planning or staff with adequate qualifications to handle this task nor facilities for technical and vocational training at the tehsil or union council level. All literacy endeavours must be centralised and strengthened under your personal control and monitoring. A massive awareness campaign at the provincial level is essential for success of such an adventure. Unfortunately, there are elements within your government who are openly sabotaging such a challenge of monumental nature which can bring about literacy rate in the province to over 85 percent by 2015 as committed by us at Dakkar (Senegal). The UN General Assembly has declared UN literacy decade from 2003 to 2012. Our record is rather lowest, to our shame since, on the average, out of roughly 100-125 union councils in a district we have not covered more than 20-25. This can only be done through massive public awareness and motivation. And only you can do it with your magic wand My second point for your personal attention in this letter is the issue of Kalabagh Dam (KBD), which is a matter of Pakistan's survival. Every past regime has failed to construct the dam because other provinces don't agree for one reason or the other. Therefore, the ball is now in your court. What sort of province will you administer, and give good governance when the land in Punjab is turned into a desert and the people will starve to death. Sir, would you like to do something now or wait for the future for the calamity to befall? The question of consensus/consent of every province is not a prerequisite for total annihilation of our province, to ward of which Pakistan may have to go to war including nuclear the hundred percent population of the Punjab stands united behind you on the Dam issue. I have no doubt Mian Sahib you will win this victory like Quaid-i-Azam won the grand victory of his vision of Pakistan against the British and the Hindus. All those who are opposing the KBD today shall fall in line after this victory like those who opposed Pakistan and today claim to be its most ardent champions. May God bless you Mian Sahib. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Foundation