ISLAMABAD (Online) - Pakistan Muslim League-Q Senator Gulshan Saeed has denied the reports of her involvement in the liquor case and said that she has nothing to do with the case, however admitted that her vehicle had been used wrongly in the incident. Talking to reporters outside Parliament House here on Saturday, she made it clear that her driver was bringing items for home from market on June 22 when Senate Secretariat Peon Mohammad Ishaque requested for a lift and the driver obliged. She said that the peon had a carton in his hand and when the police at the Parliament Lodges gate searched the vehicle they recovered 24 bottles of liquor from his possession. The Kohsar Police arrested him and registered case against him, said the Senator, adding her name is being used in the media as my car was used, which is wrong as neither I was involved in the incident nor my driver. According to Gulshan Saeed, the police and court were looking into the matter and she would accept decision what it might be. On the other hand, Mohammad Ishaque, arrested in the case has revealed that the liquor was being taken for Senators from Balochistan, Hasil Bazinjo and Dr Abdul Malik and he had requested for a lift from driver of Senator Gulshan Saeed and both the senator and driver have nothing to do with the case. According to details, Mohammad Ishaque, Naib Qasid of the Senate Secretariat, who was arrested by police at Parliament Lodges gate, had confessed before Senator Gulshan Saeed and Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Aamir Ahmad Ali that he was taking 24 bottles of liquor to Parliament Lodges for Senator Hasil Bazinjo and Dr Abdul Malik and he had requested lift from the driver of Senator Gulshan Saeed Later, according to Mohammad Ishaque, the police deployed at security point searched the vehicle and recovered liquor from him and Senator Gulshan Saeed had nothing with the case. Senator Gul Saeed, however, has confessed that both the senators Hasil Bazinjo and Dr Abdul Malik had visited his home and apologized on the incident. While, Mohammad Ishaque said that he was released on bail, made by both the senators. When this agency contacted Hasil Bazinjo for comments, he said that he was not involved in the incident and was in Lahore at the time of the incident and he landed at Islamabad airport at 6:00pm and from there went directly to attend the private TV channel talk show. He further said that neither he had made bail of the accused nor he had apologized to Senator Gulshan Saeed at her home. Bazinjo said he had no information about the incident and his nephew informed him about news being broadcasted on TV channels.