LAHORE - Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan was virtually taken to task by members for giving more time to the Ranas of the Assembly, while being biased towards the non-Rajputs. This was pointed out by another Rajput from the Pakistan Peoples Party with sir-name Rai, that is, Shahjahan Ahmed Bhatti from Nankana Sahab. You are not running the House in a better way, and promoting the elite of the Assembly, he concluded, when Major (r) Abdur Rehman Rana was given time, while the Rai was still waiting for his turn. You are promoting the Rana Group, while allowing many for speaking twice on the same subject, and neglecting those, who had prepared their speeches for five days, he averred. The Speaker retorted by saying, I regret your such a thinking. However, Shahjahan Bhatti was given time, who maintained that the departments should review their expenditures quarterly, and get Assemblys approval for spending extra money. Interestingly, all the members consumed more time than the stipulated period. However, the difference was quite visible when members of the PML-Q were made to stop speaking, and almost the same treatment was meted to the PPP members, including a few of the N-League. On the other hand, quite a few, got almost double the time, and kept on speaking uninterruptedly. PPPs Syed Hassan Murtaza and Iftikhar Babar Khaitran were made to go quiet even prior to the specified time was over. The Speaker continuously told them to conclude, while punctuating his statements with various comments, which turned out to hilarious at times. Hassan Murtaza object to Speakers repeated interruptions, while maintaining that he was losing track of his argument because of Speakers interruptions. Speaker Sahab You are interrupting me, said Hassan Murtaza, but it did help his cause, and he came up with another 'request. Sir Please dont disturb me. However, when he said, We (government) have not delivered anything during the last two years, Rana Sanaullah held his hand, and Murtaza immediately changed his topic. The Speaker again interrupted by questioning, Is it one year or two? Earlier, Syeda Bushra Nawaz Gardezi from Bahawalpur criticised the Speaker by asserting that she was being ignored. Is it my fault that I am a Saraiki, she questioned. However, she was given time later on, and called Law Minister Rana Sanaullah as 'Minister for Lawlessness. The masses were suffering due to the PPP-PML (N) differences, she opined. She also said her suggestions should not be brushed aside by laughing at them. At Speakers attention demanding to repeat the comment, she slightly changed her statement, which settled the issue.