ISLAMABAD - Like his predecessors, the new Chairman CDA Imtiaz Inayat Elahi has spelled out an ambitious list of priorities for the betterment of citys residents, but there are certain issues within the Authority that need his serious attention. The issue of more than three dozen officers serving in CDA on deputation basis is the one that need his attention more than any other issue and causing unrest among the regular officers of the Authority, who consider they are being deprived of promotions and due positions in their presence. Serious irregularities and violations of the rules set by the Cabinet Division for posting officers from one department to the other on deputation basis have been reported and it is no more a secret that a number of officers are serving in the Authority for more than three years on deputation in sheer violation of the respective rules. The posting of so many officers on deputation in CDA has served no purpose but paving the way for internal politics and leg pulling, thus hampering the smooth running of affairs at the countrys most resourceful civic agency. Regular officers of the Authority have also serious reservations over the former Chairman CDA Kamran Lasharis brainchildren, the Project Management Office (PMO), and the 'Treasury. The critics opined that huge amounts of taxpayers money are being paid to the two bodies despite the scarcity of financial resources at the Authority. What on earth are they for in presence of hefty workforce and hundreds of able officers in CDA, they say. On the other hand, officials of the PMO said they had generated more than Rs 900 million during the four years of the establishment of PMO as against the Rs 78 million paid to them in salaries. The projects we have executed would generate more than Rs 2 billion per annum for more than 15 years, a senior official of the PMO said. Only four managers at the PMO are looking after 20 ongoing projects and have completed 26 projects during the past three years, the official said. The new Chairman CDA needs to look into the controversial affairs at the Authority so that the potential and capabilities of its officers are directed towards the welfare of the residents of the capital city instead of their internal politics.