In 1951, Iranian PM Mossadaq and the Iranian Congress nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The action aggravated Britain and US so much that the CIA immediately launched 'Operation Ajax'. The operation was planned and led by CIA officer Kermil Roosevelt, a grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. Kermil Roosevelt bribed the Iranian military officials to engineer a street protest against Prime Minister Mossadaq whose government was, eventually, overthrown to install the former Shah of Iran, Reza Shah Pehalvi again as a dictator. The recent street protests after Iranian elections and the American policy statements on the situation show that the Obama government is setting the stage for the next Operation Ajax. This time Mahmood Ahmadinejad would take the place of Dr Mossadaq and the Iranian nuclear programme would take the place of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company as the asset at stake. -ZULFIQAR KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 23.