LAHORE - Younus Khan said the captain and players mattered the most in the team's performance and the coach plays a secondary role. "I have played domestic cricket as well in Australia and England and the concept is the coach and others are there as a support staff to help out the players. But the decisions have to be made by the captain and he and the players have to perform for the team to win," Younus said. "The support staff is there to help the players and make things easier for players," he added. Younus made it clear he had no issues with vice-captain Misbah-ul-Haq or former captain Shoaib Malik and other players as reported by the media. "Every player has a different mind and only those players are close who share the interests. I had discussions with Misbah and other players when we planned for the matches. It is not correct to say I didn't speak to Misbah for days." Younus attacked former chief selector Abdul Qadir for "not speaking the whole truth" when the legendary spinner said that he should not have been in the Twenty20 World Cup squad. "I think one must be very honest with oneself. What Qadir has said I think he has not spoken the entire truth and he has covered up a lot of things. He should have been more honest and forthrightt," Younis said. Qadir, after his resignation from the chief selector's job, had said he would not have kept Younus and Shoaib Malik in Pakistan's ICC World Twenty20 team. Younus said Qadir's remarks only spurred him to do well as he took it as a challenge. "It only motivated me and the other players to do well and prove him wrong. "He said everyone in the team and Pakistan board was well aware of his temperament and principles. "Mind your own business" "I believe everyone should do what he is supposed to do. He should not interfere in anyone's domain. The cricket board officials have their job, the selectors have their job and the players have their own job to do. As long as everyone sticks to his field there is no problem." He said he listened to advice from others but ultimately he takes his own decision. "Everyone is there to offer advice but as a captain I am firm I take my own decision. In the past also only those captains have been successful who take their own decisions. My motto is listen to everyone but take a decision which you feel is the best," he said.