Iranian leader Mahmood Ahmadinejad is going to be another Bhutto. Following his second victory in the elections, Israel, USA and UK have jointly launched an offensive against Iran in the streets of Tehran just the way they had staged an agitation movement against Bhutto in the streets of Pakistan in 1977. There are a number of similarities between the two leaders. Bhutto was a nationalist and anti-imperialist and so is Ahmadinejad. Bhutto knew clearly that America was the real enemy and so does Ahmadinejad. The American invested billions of dollars to topple, disgrace and hang Bhutto. They are doing the same for toppling, disgracing and hanging Ahmadinejad. The wave of agitation in Iran is old wine in a new bottle. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, June 22.