n Hadi Iqbal Hussain The present government has beaten all records in lying to the nation. Its wrongs and failures are justified and blamed on others, and traced back to former leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf, Ziaul Haq, Yahya or Ayub Khan. For every failure, a scapegoat is presented to the nation. The Pakistan Peoples Party can do no wrong. The strategy of the government is to crush the common man economically; reducing him to the level that even his cry becomes so feeble, as to be almost inaudible. Those crooks, who are professional agitators, are reportedly already in the government folds. The policy is to create hatred among the people at the provincial or district/city level so that they blame each other and do not unite to agitate against the ruling elite. In addition, many prominent media men and anchors are obliged to help the government for obvious reasons. There is as such nothing to worry the President, Prime Minister or Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, since they can say whatever they wish without any fear of contradiction. The directive of the government is, rob ruthlessly and plunder in plenty without any remorse or regret. Do not miss any opportunity. The party manifesto is saying of Moghal Emperor: Baber Beh Aish Kosh Ke Alam Dobara Niest. Besides this, many scandals are rife involving everyone, who is somebody that one tends to lose track of the governments 'achievements. I had a chance to see a very courageous, but truthful expression about the prevailing situation. It said: Please do not make noise and do not blow your car horn. Qaimi zamir is sleeping. Suggested modification as its prefix is, government is digging into the foundation of Pakistan. One of the leading news today is that Rs41 million out of the National Insurance Corporation was deposited in the account of Federal Minister Amin Fahim, who has denied any knowledge it. Another news item is about Rs35 billion missing and unaccounted for from the Ministry of Law headed by the self-opinionated Daniel - so-called Dr Baber Awan, whose own doctorate degree is suspect. How astutely he is ridiculing others How very simple and how callously is the public money being squandered How rich our Ministers from the MQM, ANP, PPP and PML-Q have become in a few years, and how poor is our country having over 50 Federal Ministers and scores of former Ministers or supporting members of the ruling parties living in official residences with fully paid amenities at government expense We do not have money to pay for petrol to enable the people to move even within the city, besides long hours of loadshedding leading to the closure of many industrial units and unemployment, and no law to award a deterrent punishment for the theft of electricity or gas The draft of suggested regulations is still lying with the Ministry of Law for the last three years, because it is against the states policy to punish anyone for theft or corruption. The government is already sitting over the apex courts judgment on the NRO. Any anti-theft or anti-corruption effort will adversely affect the stance of the rulers on corruption. We have the Abbottabad and Mehran Air Base fiascos at hand, evidencing the achievement of the PPP-led non-majority coalition government telling us that our defence system is non-existent: Anyone can walk in without any fear of resistance. Reportedly, Iran too has come up with the alarming news that our nuclear assets are vulnerable. The drone attacks and bomb blasts are killing innocent people, including women and children. As if this was not enough, the law enforcement agencies, being paid by the taxpayers money, have started killing innocent and undefended citizens in the cities in broad daylight. It seems that we, unfortunately, have become used to bearing the atrocities of the government. I think I am right in admitting my failure and having a mistaken perception of the writ of the rulers. I must apologise for that. The leadership, both civil and military, is certainly unable to defend the country against foreign attacks or provide security against internal threats and an affordable and liveable economic environment to enable the common man to survive. Even the ordinary comforts of life available to the masses in most of the countries are as distant as are roti, kapra and makan. After all, why not claim to be a democracy led by the PPP - a non-majority party that was supported by a 'friendly opposition, MQM, ANP with latest addition of the PML-Q. Who shall we look up to for saving us from the garbage producers? Disappointed n The writer is Ex-Additional Secretary and a Member of the Railway Board.