The arrest of Brig Ali Khan was a shock. The dust of May 2 incident and Mehran base attack has not yet settled, and hence the arrests within Army on account of suspected links with Hizbut Tahrir is disturbing. The history of radicalized insiders is not very promising, but penetration of extremist thoughts must have rung alarm bells at the GHQ. The military has shown its commitment to the war against terror; it has sacrificed more than 3,500 precious lives. But the alleged links of a few individuals with extremist organizations should not be allowed to undermine and sabotage these efforts. The international community, especially India, has scored one more opportunity to point a finger of accusation at Pakistan. But thanks to our intelligence agencies for keeping eye on the radicals. Army is reflection of the society and circumstances prevailing around it and nobody should be allowed to serve their vested interests. Extremists whether inside or outside, will not serve the interests of the state as well as army. Gen Kayani has succeeded in retrieving the image of the army to a favorable extent but such incidents are certainly a cause for concern. Army drives its strength from discipline which is the single most important factor that distinguishes it from other institutions. Those responsible for breach of discipline, if proved guilty should be taken to task. JUNAID TAYYEB, Jhelum, June 24.