We are part of a nation who believes in shouted slogans and not follow the actions. We, a hugely emotional mass of people eventually have come to an end because of our shouted slogans and fake trust. Therefore, we have corrupt environment all around us, and surprisingly we are still living with and into this environment. Why? Yes, because, all of us are the equal contributors of our corrupt environment. And, now, corruption has become fashion as well as reasonable source of income. It is now mandatory to maintain superior lifestyle as well as to win the social supremacy race. But, we have forgotten that we are stealing the bread and butter of our poor brothers. Indeed, humanly and religiously we are committing the most brutal and critical crime of this universe. And, as a Muslim we have faith that everyone who is a wrongdoer, he will eventually get his punishment in the world as well as in the doomsday. Yes, actually, we are bearing punishment of our wrongdoings. And, the punishment is in every form like in form of uproar, injustice, lack of economic stability, lack of political stability, lack of systems, lack of brotherhood, lack of society etc and etc. This is the time to react, and by remaining in our current capacity, we the individuals should unite together, defuse our corrupt mindsets and work together. It is need of the time to transform ourselves into a united nation. Otherwise, some nations that are united to destabilize the world order will eventually hit us as well. And, if we do not react timely, then no one will remain in their current capacity. Still the time is in our hands. M. SHAHAAB LODHI, Rawalpindi, June 25.