Recently, Foreign Secretaries level talks held between India and Pakistan at Islamabad. Pakistan and India have agreed to continue discussions on Jammu and Kashmir in a purposeful and forward looking manner with the view to finding a peaceful solution by narrowing divergences and building convergences. Relations between India and Pakistan, which have fought three wars since the subcontinent was partitioned in 1947, have been plagued by border and resource disputes. Two of the three wars were over Kashmir, where Indias brutality has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Indians may hate to acknowledge but Kashmir continues to be at the hub of any Indo-Pak interaction. It is an ugly reality that the subcontinent wouldnt know peace until the Kashmir Issue is resolved to the satisfaction of Kashmiris. The Indian intransigence to address this festering wound a legacy of the partition of the subcontinent is stoking the fires of proxy confrontations in the region and this is becoming obvious to all and sundry. Any attempt to unilaterally bury it will only add to the ferocity of the winds of instability. Kashmir issue has a momentum of its own that will inevitably run its legitimate course and the Indian strategy to circumvent it remains outside the realm of possibility. There can be no peace unless Kashmir is negotiated on the negotiating table; no back channel diplomacy shrouded in mystery, detached from the national consensus can replace it. MUZAMMIL MUJAHID BHATTI, Rawalpindi, June 25.