The barbaric and inhume killing of 9 innocent foreign tourists in the Gilgit-Baltistan area by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is extremely deplorable and highly frustrating for all Pakistanis. Our religion, even during times of war, prohibits the targeting and execution of the non-combatants in any circumstance, during any form of armed conflict. However, from innocent polio-workers to visiting foreign tourists in the country, no one is safe from the callous acts of these terrorists.  So, the present militant’s ideology being propagated in the name of Islamic Jihad and practiced by the so-called Muslim members of TTP, has nothing to do with the spirit and teachings of Islam. Likewise, no moral, religious or legal code in the world would allow or encourage such barbarism practiced to achieving one’s desired objectives. So, these terrorists are neither Muslims nor human beings, but only depraved beasts or paid mercenaries with no loyalty or religion! There should be Fathawa’s from Muslim Ulamma’s condemning them and telling them that they have stepped out of the boundaries of Islam.This despicable act of the killing foreign tourists, who are our guests, has brought a very bad name to Pakistan internationally. It would also be quite fatal and harmful for the already sick and troubled tourism industry in the country. It would now take a long time to restore the confidence of the foreign tourists in Pakistan again. It is the duty of every state to protect the lives and properties of all the foreign nationals present on its soil. In fact, the government of Pakistan has miserably failed in providing security to these ill-fated tourists. The state’s security apparatus seems failing against the organised and well-coordinated network of terrorist. Apparently, the present attack on the tourists is in retaliation to the killing of deputy commander of TTP Waliur Rehman, by US drone attacks some days ago. Before this, the violent wave of terrorism visited the Balochistan province. So, all this US adventurism in the tribal area has cost Pakistan very dearly, in the form of violent backlash. Now, Pakistan has to fight this war on its own terms, keeping in view national interest. Likewise, Pakistan has to establish its complete writ in all the tribal areas by dismantling the terrorist’s network with the help of faithful and patriotic tribesmen there. Now, there should be zero tolerance for any foreign intervention in the country, made by any foreign militants or the US drones. MOHSIN RAZA MALIK, Lahore, June 25.