We live in one of the most unique countries. This is a country where traitors, plunderers, blunderers, criminals and terrorists are awarded with the rewards and decorated with medals! This ill-fated nation has had tens of thousands murdered and maimed, but not a single person was apprehended or brought to justice. Was Pakistan created to cater to the corrupt and criminal forces?Part of Siachen was lost but not a single person was punished! What is the vitality of the Siachen just imagine, the glacier's melting waters are the prime source of the Nubra River in the Indian held region of Ladakh, which drains into the Shyok River. Thus, the glacier is a major source for the water that flows into the Indus River and feeds the largest irrigation system in Pakistan! Extraordinary concessions and waivers were granted and gifted to India for completing hundreds of dams on Pakistan waters, apart from concessions and waivers that were granted for completing the barbed wire fences alongside the LOC, but none was asked who made this blunder! Killing of thousands in Karachi and Balochistan continues without any retaliation.Our pride; Kamra Complex was attacked twice but no one was punished or asked for the criminal lapses! Our different airports were attacked and the fight continued for several hours, but no one was punished for the neglect! Our national nerve center; GHQ was attacked ruthlessly in broad daylight but no one was made horrible example for the ruthless lapse! Sari Lankan Cricket Team were attacked, in the broad daylight and the attackers escaped in a very relaxed manner caught on CCTV; apparently they had no fear of being caught! The visuals were aired on all TV channels, but nothing happened! So our law enforcers were sleeping?The Quid-i-Azam Residency in Ziarat was devastated along with onslaught on the medical institution, wherein more than 15 female students were martyred with many others. Whether we are weaker than Sri Lankans, who have wiped out their terrorists’ in a short time, or have we sold our souls to the devil, that we ask no questions, have no investigation and no results?AFTAB ALAM, Lahore, June 24.