Pakistan holds a unique place in the world, with its warm water ports and neighbouring countries such as China and Afghanistan. It has been facing internal and external problems for the last two decades, when it opened its doors to foreign countries, which invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, thus making enemies with some groups. Everything that is happening now was born from these decisions and we need to take steps to curtail such friendships or we may see even a worse situation in the country.The government needs to recognise the foreign ‘hands’ behind the latest terrorist attacks on tourists in Nanga Parbat. These ‘hands’ want to destabilise Pakistan by depleting our foreign currency inflow by sources other than direct investment; we only had sports and tourism left. Now they have succeeded in scaring away any teams coming to Pakistan to play (ref to Sir Lanka attack) and the final nail in the coffin has been provided by the attack on tourist climbing the Nanga Parbat. It is time the government woke up and took serious action against these forces, especially in our foreign policy; otherwise such vicious attacks will continue to hit Pakistan Tourism industry, till tourism vanishes from Pakistan just like foreign players have!The Government keeps referring to foreign ‘hands’ but has not taken any practical step in their foreign policy to tackle this issue. Now our new government has two options, either they can let Pakistan be criticised by international media and ultimately see an end to tourism in Pakistan or they could seriously tackle this issue and taking a leap of faith and break up with these foreign ‘friends’ who are stabbing them in the back, while shaking hands on the front.AQIB SHAHZAD BHATTI, Islamabad, June 25.