The revelation that former federal Law Secretary Justice (r) Yasmin Abbasey had written a letter to the Swiss authorities on November 22, 2012, saying that the contents of the earlier letter of November 5 of the government calling upon them to reopen the money laundering cases against President Asif Ali Zardari, be ignored has caused nationwide shock and frustration. That the government (read, President himself) at whose instance Justice Abbasey would have penned down the letter overruled the Supreme Court which had instructed it to send the November 5 letter after having approved it is simply outrageous; it is totally unacceptable. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry justifiably took strong exception to this devious attempt when Attorney General Muneer A. Malik made the disclosure before the court on Wednesday. The court issued a stern warning that those responsible for committing it would have to pay dearly. The AG told the SC that the government had established contact with the Swiss asking them to treat Justice Abbasey’s letter as illegal. And Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, on his part, had constituted a committee to investigate the matter. The Chief Justice asked the AG to submit before the court a report on the subject within two weeks.The November 22 letter is a sharp reminder of the unfortunate reality that the corrupt leadership of Pakistan could touch any depth of moral degradation to sidestep the law, even if it were to defy the explicit orders of the apex court. Not only would the second letter cause alarm and dismay in the country at the extent to which the highest in the land could go to obstruct the course of justice, just to save his own skin, it would also further tarnish the image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world. It is already the butt of ridicule of the international community for the shenanigans of its leadership. Pakistan at this stage needs, perhaps, more world support than ever before to defeat the hydra-headed monster of terrorism and to revive its crumbling economy. Anything that draws attention of the foreign investors to the incidents of deceit in the country would make them think twice before putting their money in business ventures here. It, indeed, is a situation to cause despair. The people can only look up to the new ruling leadership hoping that it would not compromise on this grave act of deception under any circumstances and follow the case to the end so that a message could go out to the world that deviant behaviour is no longer acceptable in Pakistan. The Supreme Court has another case of contempt of court on hand.