I want to draw the attention of our kind Chief Minister and District Coordination Officer to an extremely vital and tormenting problem faced by the residents of National Town who are facing water shortage. The tube well of Jahangir Town has been out of order for the last four days and this situation is causing immense difficulties to the people of National Town. People are unable to get even a drop of water, whole families are suffering in this blistering heat without water. A large number of people, belonging to various areas, have complained to the concerned authorities such as WASA office, but nothing happened. One can imagine the vexation and the piteous condition of the people of National Town, Lahore who are compelled to pay exorbitant charges for the water they do not get. Troubled, desperate and afflicted, people are roaming from door to door begging for a pail of water and return empty handed. We the people of the vicinity are suffering mentally. I would like to request any person with any feeling of kindness in the concerned offices to please look into the matter at the earliest so that we can resume our lives again. Our area has become another Karbala and our leaders are to be blamed for such pain and torture.MAHMOOD SALEEM, Lahore, June 25.