Building the Kalabagh dam has become vital, not only to fight the menace of energy crises but also to store the flood waters. Chief of the UN World Food Program has said that hunger in Pakistan is at an emergency level, after years of conflict and floods. The main floods are still a few weeks away but parts of Sindh are already being flooded by Kabul and Swat rivers which are south of Tarbela dam, to these will be added the flood waters from Chitral, Haro and Soan rivers. These five rivers will keep flooding south Punjab and Sindh every year until a reservoir is built to store their flood waters. Neither Tarbela nor Bhasha dam can trap these rivers. I am sure that most members of the Sindh Assembly are unaware of this. It is now up to the PML-N members to warn them of this recurring danger to their province. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 24.