ISLAMABAD- Existing CNG policy is destroying the Rs 450 billion sector, claimed Pervaiz Khan Khattak , Central Chairman of the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA).

He argued the CNG industry has many valuable purposes: it has played its part in reducing pollution; in cutting the oil import bill; in clipping inflation; in providing jobs and affordable transportation to countless civilians—yet it has been subjected to harsh treatment and deserves better from the policymakers.

According to Khattak , the prices of natural gas, electricity tariff, and taxes continue to increase but the price of the commodity has been kept suspended – which is discrimination. He added that the cost of doing business has increased substantially while retail price is stagnant, which has pushed many CNG operators into bankruptcy.

Ogra is bound to review prices twice a year in July and January but it has failed to discharge duty. He continued with the claim that the official inertia has been ruining the CNG sector, which needs improved gas supply and justified retail prices; the CNG sector is being pushed to the wall to benefit those few influential individuals.

The leader of the CNG sector has asked the Prime Minister to take note of the situation.