ISLAMABAD - Central Information Secretary PTI , Shireen Mazari, on Saturday said the Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed had no answers to PTI 's four questions so he chose to try and evade the core issues.

On question 1, he said he had asked Nawaz Sharif to make his speech to all the supporters who were gathering in Raiwind by the evening, she stated in a press release issued here on Saturday.  

But the issue is not simply speaking to PMLN workers but of making a "victory" speech before official results were in and of demanding that he should be given a clear mandate, she mentioned.  

She said, “So PTI has rightly asked who was Nawaz addressing when he asked for a clear mandate since as Pervez Rasheed himself pointed out, voting had already stopped. Clearly on these points PMLN's spokesperson had no answer.”

On question 2, Pervez Rasheed on the issue of ROs tried to twist the whole issue by referring to Chairman Imran Khan's demand of 2012 that ROs be appointed from the judiciary, she said.   

“Yes PTI did but PTI 's question is why were the ROs not held accountable to anyone? Especially where wrongdoing has been clearly shown, why is no one holding the ROs accountable? On that the PMLN has no answer.” She raised questions.  

On question 3, regarding the role of caretakers especially Najam Sethi, Pervez Rasheed had an absurd response - that Sethi was the PPP's choice as if somehow that justifies all his rigging efforts! Mazari said that Pervez Rasheed pointing to various transfers and postings in Punjab by Najam Sethi was not an answer to PTI 's question about Sethi's role in rigging and the 35 punctures for which he was rewarded with Chairmanship of PCB.

Otherwise what were his credentials for this post, she questioned.

On question 4, regarding the rile of the ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry in electoral rigging, Pervez Rasheed forgot to answer the question totally and got derailed. PTI 's objection was to ex CJ addressing the ROs before the elections as CJ and then applauding them for conducting "fair and free elections". Now he has been rewarded with his son Arsalan Chaudhry being made Chairman Balochistan BOI.

Mazari said its a pity Pervez Rasheed was unable to comprehend and answer PTI 's four questions. As for his reference to PTI sending money for IDPs, he should see as to how the IKF is already helping the IDPs. It is shameful how PMLN is using the IDPs for political purposes and how the PM chose to visit a fake IDP camp in Bannu.

Instead of spending on lawn maintenance, security dogs and BMWs all at state expense along with foreign tours and security for the whole Sharif clan, the PMLN government should divert the taxpayers' money for the poor displaced people streaming in from NWA.

In addition, it was scandalous how the government spent Rs 60 crores of taxpayer money on advertising to counter PTI 's movement and TUQ. Given the Sharif's huge stash of money abroad this self projection should have been from their personal wealth.

Mazari said it was an insult to the people of Pakistan who came out as never before to vote in the 2013 elections, to have the government ridicule serious issues raised by PTI which touch the very foundations of Pakistan's democracy.