BAHAWALPUR - Imran Khan on Friday gave a one-month deadline to the Nawaz government to fulfil PTI demands regarding alleged election ‘fraud’ and warned of a "tsunami march" on Islamabad on August 14 if no appropriate steps were taken.
The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief told a big public gathering in Bahawalpur that he will assemble one million people in the capital, inviting other parties to join his protest. He said Nawaz Sharif should not think that unity over Waziristan operation means PTI will not be a strong opposition.
Imran Khan said that they do not accept the government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz because it was based on rigging. He said that on May 5, 2013 11:20pm, Nawaz Sharif's victory speech was broadcast and soon after the results started to change drastically in his party’s favour.
The PTI chief said he wants to be told as to who were behind the premature victory speech of Nawaz, well ahead of the compilation of results of May 11, 2013 general elections. "What was the role of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry in the elections," he further asked.
He also asked as to why the returning officers had not been placed under the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). “Who ordered the rejection of votes in dozens of constituencies?” The PTI chief also asked as to who changed returning officers in 19 constituencies. He also condemned ECP high-ups for not resigning despite demands from many parties.
Imran Khan also criticised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and warned him not to politicise the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs). To be pictured with PM in the IDP camps is useless. Millions of rupees have been spent on the advertisements; that money could have been given to the IDPs.
Imran accused the PM of keeping people and political persons in darkness about the North Waziristan operation. He said that even KPK government was not taken into confidence and they got to know about the operation through the media, and because of this they could not make any arrangements for IDPs and now the whole blame is being placed on PTI's government.
Imran Khan condemned the Sindh as well the Punjab governments for imposing ban on the entry of IDPs. "Why have they closed their doors on the IDPs; aren't they Pakistanis?" He said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will make plans for the assistance and rehabilitation of IDPs.
Around 1,500 thousand people in KPK were already homeless and now 500,000 more have been added due to the Waziristan operation and “their responsibility is upon us and we accept that responsibility and my foundation will help them”. "Oh People of Waziristan, we will stand by you until the end; we will help you in every way!... Nawaz Sharif, please stop playing politics on the IDPs. Don't call me for only photo sessions... Allah has given us responsibility to help our IDPs, they are our brothers and sisters facing tough time."
The PTI chief lashed out at the PML-N government for what he claimed fake economic growth during its tenure saying all he could see was "Jangla Bus Service," referring to the Metro Bus Project in Lahore. The PML-N succeeded in making their government in Punjab six times but have they been able to improve the education system in the province, he asked. Justice was not being served in the police stations and courts of the country, he remarked.
Referring to Nawaz’ statement his government was trying develop the country but Imran Khan was busy in holding public rallies, he questioned the premier: “Is inflation increasing because of PTI’s public meetings; is loadshedding being conducted due to me; and when 83 people were shot at in Lahore and 13 of them killed, was it because of me?”
He asked the youth to be prepared for a new Pakistan. Khan blamed Nawaz for violating merit in recruitment and recalled that ex-Punjab IGP Abbas Khan in 1993 reported that 25,000 policemen were recruited bypassing merit during the Nawaz regime. He said the PML-N has distributed senior positions among his family members. "Nawaz Sharif's assets are growing rapidly," he said in response to prime minister's remarks that Pakistan is on the path of development.
The PTI chief also condemned the PML-N government in Punjab over its handling of Lahore tragedy, saying that the shooting of protesters only took place during dictatorships and not under democratic governments. "Did police fire upon 83 plus people in Model Town Lahore because of PTI Jalsas? He asked Nawaz Sharif. "Sharam karo! (shame on you)", Imran Khan said about the deadly police action on Pakistan Awami Tehreek's Lahore secretariat. He said he will change the mindset of the Punjab police. If any shot was fired on PTI workers, Imran said he would himself hang the guilty.