LAHORE  - nLike other parts of the world political leadership and civil society of South Africa are taking keen interest in the gross violation of human rights of Pakistani mother Dr Aafia Siddiqui and the just demand for her release has also mustered valuable support in this nation of freedom fighters.
In her visit to South Africa , Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui is highlighting the issue of detention of her sister and the violation of her basic human rights, says a message received here on Friday.  Dr Fowzia was also officially invited to visit the Parliament and listen to the speech of President Jacob Zuma to the joint Parliamentary session.
On the occasion, she met with different lawmakers including Mr. Solomom Lachesa Tsenoli Deputy Speaker South African National Assembly and discussed the issue of Aafia detention with them.
During one to one meeting, the Aafia issue remained the main focus.
The South African Deputy Speaker regretted the violation of human rights in Aafia case and assured full cooperation in furthering the cause of her release .
He said South Africa is in favour of the release of political prisoners and annulling inhumanly long detentions.
Dr Fowzia thanked him and presented him the traditional gift of Sindhi Ajrak.
She said she was proud of the strong support of South African leadership, politicians, civil society and human rights activists for supporting the Aafia cause.
She hoped that the administrations in Pakistan and the US would respect these global sentiments for supporting Aafia and soon release and repatriate the Pakistani mother so that she could rejoin her family and children in Pakistan.