It is really condemnable that within 5 days more than 1700 people have died due to sun stroke. People don’t have electricity, no water and are dying of terrible heat but our government has no care and most have left for colder climates to enjoy summer vacations on our money. People elect rulers so that those rulers would serve them but in Pakistan it’s the opposite, instead of serving they are looting the public.

Hazrat Umer (RA) was also a ruler and he said that if an animal would die of hunger at River Furat, then I will be answerable to Allah, but our rulers have no remorse or shame. When people stop fearing Allah what will they fear? The morgues are full, and in such conditions there is CNG strike, due to which patients were unable to reach hospitals and died enroute. What kind of government is this which can spend millions on a bus but cannot provide shade or drinking water?


Karachi, June 23.