You have quite rightly concluded, my above titled letter, by saying that we all need to stand up to fight for our survival but who is to take the first step? While an individual cannot, a national newspaper should be able to conduct investigative reporting to find out why the Government can go in for other mega projects but is shy even of mentioning the mega dams which can save the country from the impending water crisis.

Once we have the results of the investigative report before us, then only can a campaign be launched, with the help of experts, to educate public opinion on the misapprehensions in the public mind. Sounds like a big task, what is the alternative, we keep waiting for someone to do something, while industrial and agricultural production keeps declining, prices of goods and food stuff keeps rising, the middle class keeps becoming the poor class, with the poor class not knowing where to go to hide its head all because those who can will not take the first step.


Lahore, June 19.