Chairman Wapda is to be congratulated for imparting so much useful information on international water treaties around the world. It is hoped that he will also give us his expert opinion on the treaty between Punjab and Sindh i.e The Water Apportionment Accord of 1991.

The sole purpose of the Accord was to develop consensus on dam building activity which had come to a halt after commissioning of Tarbela dam in 1976, A number of concessions were given to Sindh to bring it on board. The Accord states that, inter alia all provinces agree to the building of more dams on all the rivers including on the Indus.

This was a tacit agreement on building of Kaltabagh dam, the only dam ready to build at that time, the Accord was not an exercise just for increasing Sindh’s share by reducing Punjab’s share, as Sindh interprets it, how can provincial shares be increased without first building a dam.

Sindh also insists that there is an agreement on an escapage of 10 maf below Kotri to check sea incursion, actually the agreement was that further studies would be carried out. The study carried out in 2005 recommended a flood flow of 5 maf annually and a monthly flow of 0.3 maf or a total of 8.36 (12 x o.3 + 5), which would require additional dam storage.


Lahore, June 6.