HAFIZABAD - Economic condition of more than 45 million people would be ameliorated with the completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Convener Tehrik Hurmat-e-Rasool Maulana Amir Hamza stated on Monday.
He said that both the US and IMF are exploiting the poor countries and want to make them their slaves. He said that India with the complicity of US and other anti-Islam and anti-State forces is indulging in mean game to create hurdles in the way of CPEC. He declared that Pakistan Army under the bold leadership of Gen Raheel Sharif has guaranteed successful execution of the CPEC. He said that days are not far off when China and Pakistan would be Super Powers as the US and European Countries are being weakened with each passing day.
He said that Islam teaches peace, brotherhood and tolerance and Muslims never indulge in terrorism. On the contrary, the US and India always remain behind all the terrorist activities, he alleged. He called on the Muslims to remain united to foil the evil designs of anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces.