The Pakistan Army has been carrying out much needed action against terrorism in a systematic way, since General Raheel Shareef took the charge.

Recently, Sindh Rangers has introduced their new helpline service, that will help the citizens of Karachi to register their complaints through Whatsapp but I guess Karachiites don’t deserve to have this opportunity. Instead of registering serious complaints about robbery, mobile snatching or any other crimes, these people are sending pathetic and cheap messages to them. One of those messages were "Someone has stolen my shoe from the masjid, please help me to get them back." And when rangers replied, “This Portal is for serious complaints." They said, “It is serious, because my shoes were branded." Unbelievable! Do these people really think Rangers has introduced this helpline service just to solve these petty issues of their life? There are many other prank messages that are similar to the above one and were quite viral on Internet few days back.

I condemn such immature act of our citizens and being a Karachite, I request to all Karachites to take advantage from this service to eliminate crime from our beloved city.


Karachi, May 5.